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Living-Learning Community

University College combines limitless opportunities in DC with the best elements of college life—meeting new people, residence hall living, studying with top-notch professors, and finding your passion. You join our largest living-learning community because you want to make the most of your first year. Whether meeting with experts, collaborating with another class, or visiting DC institutions, your Complex Problems professors and program leaders connect classroom and residential experiences to the real world.


UC students reside on six floors in Anderson Hall. Each floor has a theme inspired by a group of UC courses, which in turn inspires community events throughout the semester.


UC courses are hand-picked Complex Problems seminars from the AU Core curriculum. The cohorts listed below have unique seminars within them - click through to read seminar descriptions for Fall 2018.

Join UC

Choose six seminars that interest you and fill out the form on your AU Portal. Enroll early to guarantee your space. Make the most of your first semester!

They're some of my best friends at AU.
UC builds community through small, intimate seminar classes. Students live together on the same floor in their residence hall and make close connections from the moment they arrive.

"I've made friends with some people in my UC class and they're some of my best friends at AU." - Grace Anderson


Seminar Facilitators and Faculty organize co-curricular activities, including excursions to DC. Students get exclusive tours of the White House, Capitol Building, Smithsonian Museums and more. And on the way, they learn their way around their new city's transportation system.